VISIT TO SIDO PARIS [November 8/9 2022]

The information that SIDO suplied about ths exhibition was that the focus is on four main technological areas. These are IoT [Internet of Things], IA [Atificial Inteliigence], XR [eXpanded Reality} and Robotique.

As is often the case in real life, things do not fall into neatly defined catagories. Many appilcations on display used two or more of these areas to achieve the required result. It was clear that IoT contributed to many of these areas of combination. Another area mentioned was EDGE. This was often linked with the CLOUD. This a reference to a particular way of utilising the power of the Internet. Originally the CLOUD was seen as a way of providing large amounts of storage to expand the capability of omputers with limited storage. Thus is still the case, but the major use now is to use the larger computing power of more powerful computers linked to the internet. This usage has two major problems which are response time and transmission time to send to and from the web. EDGE is really obout the design of systems.

For example, suppose a control system receives a signal from a sensor indicating a condition exists that must be rectified. The system sends ths signal to the CLOUD computer which calculates what must be done, then it sends a signal back to the system which runs the code required to fix the problem as calculated by the CLOUD computer. A solution to this potential timing problem is to connect a small computer between the system and the CLOUD. A small device such as a micro-computer would have enough power to calculate the what must be done and send the signal back to the system. The response could very quick if the miro-controller was only processing this type of problem. The original error signal, and the response from the micro-controller could still be sent to the CLOUD computer for later analysis of required. This transmission would not affect the response of to the system. The term EDGE seems to be used to indicate that this extra processing is on the EDGE of the system and in contact with the CLOUD.



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