This section of the website documents new work being created and tested by Ian Symonds of EDUTRONIC. This is work in progress and uses some of the material in the Education Archive. Extra new material and new practical work is being created as part of a personal research project. Brief information is given below on the work, and links are included to view the material as it is being developed.

Trial1 Material
(Combinational Logic)

Trial1 Building

Trial1 Testing

The first stage was a "one to one" review and discussion of part of some online material from the archive. It is an introduction to the basic logic gates, AND, OR and NOT. Logic functions combining these basic gates such as NOT AND (NAND) and NOT OR (NOR) are introduced. This is revision, but introduces what is possibly a different approach to that seen initially by the student.

The next stage introduced the use of a simple custom built battery powered logic tutor using 4000 series CMOS chips. Other areas, including binary and digital arithmetic, are in the online materiasl. Private study was encouraged with questions on all material and links to worked solutions to support the student.

Test Material for Investigation A

Simple test material to be used by students prior to a semi-structured interview. The aim of the interview is to get student views on the use of the material.

Test Material for Education Research

The learning and Teaching material will start with an introduction to the LATCH circuit which is an example of a SEQUENTIAL Logic Circuit. This work utilises and builds upon the work on COMBINATIONAL circuits studied in Trial1. The work will cover control cucuits such as PWM and then on to Embedded Systems. The use of devices that can be programmed .



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