The work in this Education Archive was created by Ian Symonds of EDUTRONIC. It was produced during his time as senior teaching fellow in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds. It was used over the period from 1998 to 2010 by students in the school. The projects were for final year BEng students, MEng Mechatronic students and MSc students. Conference papers in both these areas were presented during that time. Teaching material is now being created and tested in a research project, some of it using the archive material as a resourse. The work in progress can found here in New Work.


S0110 First Year Introduction to Digital Electronics This is an introduction to the basic logic gates, AND, OR and NOT. Logic functions combining these basic gates such as NOT AND (NAND) and NOT OR (NOR)are intrroduced. Finally more complex functions such as XOR and XNOR are developed. A test on most sections are included, with worked solutions available by following links on the page. Other areas, including binary and digital arithmetic, Carnaugh maps are also covered.

ELEC1620 Introduction to Sequential Logic This is an introduction to sequential logic showing how the basic Logic Gates can be interconected to make circuits that behave in a very different way. These new circuits retain the output value caused by one input signal until another signal is sent to change it. These circuits behave as a "memory" retaining the output value until changed by another input signal or by switching off the power supply.



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