The Mary Carroll mystery

Grave of Mary Carroll(Clifford)

This is one of the four marked Carroll graves, in the cemetery of St.Edwards in Clifford.

The Index of Births, for 1912, list the following entries for a Mary Carroll.

Birth Index entry for Mary Carroll

The birth certificate for the most likely Mary, from the above list, gives the following information about her.

Birth Certificate - Mary Carroll

Grave of Joseph and Euginie Carroll(Clifford)

Joseph and Eugenie back in clifford, but where did they spend their life together?

A clue from the side of Mary's headstone led to Bradford, where Wright and Sons Ltd. had an address.

Mason's name on Mary's headstone(Clifford)
Mary's house at 56 Southampton Street, Bradford

56 Southampton Street, Mary's address for many years. Neighbours remembered her and her brother Leon at their family home of 25 Southampton Street.

Leon and his wife, Ivy, are also here in Clifford. Their daughter, Kathleen, is the person who had the headstone carved for Mary.

grave of Leon and Ivy Carroll(Clifford)