This is the story of Patrick Carroll and his wife Bridget whose families arrived in Clifford, West Yorkshire, from Ireland in the mid 1800s. The reason for their move to this village was the Flax mill and the local Catholic landowner. He brought the workers, and an order of nuns, to the village ofClifford where he built the church in which they worshiped. Clifford Data has some of this story. Census Data is information that we have used in these pages. The investigations are the history of individuals that we have tried to trace in more detail, such as Ada, Joseph and the two Marys below.The family tree will be followed down to the present day, with particular emphasis on Patrick and Bridget's son, Joseph. He was the grandfather of Leslie and sister Carolyn who set up the site with Carolyn' husband, Ian.
The site is dedicated to Leslie, who was sustained during his long illness by his interest and enthusiasm for this family research.


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image of Ada's Prayer Book

Ada's Story

The Ada mentioned here was Ada Prior, who later became Mrs Joseph Carroll. This is a part of the story of how it was that Ada and Joseph met all those years ago. More...

Census Data

This page has links to Census data for the years 1861 to 1901 at the 10 year intervals used in the collection of data. The page is about the Carrolls, the Kilroys, the Shanns and theTetleys. More...

Mary of York

This Mary Carroll was the sister of Joseph, who was married to Ada. Her niece remembered her going to live in Acomb, part of York, with her husband Robert A. Law. More...
image of Mary Carroll gravestone

The Mary Carroll Mystery

This page follows the investigation that was made to discover who is this Mary Carroll and how was she related to the Clifford branch of the family that are the subject of this Website. More...
image of Joe Carroll gravestone

The search for Joseph Carroll

This Joseph Carroll was the father of the Mary Carroll in the mystery above. His wife Eugenie, formally Shann, came from Clifford. The search in the title is how and why did Joseph come to Clifford, an what was his link to the other Carrolls. More...

The Village of Clifford

Here is some background about Clifford, a village in the west riding of Yorkshire, that was to be the new home of the Carroll family following their emigration from Ireland in the 1860's. More...