June 28th 2016 The first public showing of the film When The Moon is High for fifty years is a great success. It was a big day not just for John Skelton but also for some of the students that were excited to see the film that has been found after 50 years. When John was 17 in 1965 he made a film with his friends. Here are some comments that students made about the day published in a document by the Director of the School in Slovakia after the event. The first comment are the exact words from Filip Holeci, 14 years old, Not a bad attempt at writing in English at all. !!!! Written a few minutes after the film had been watched.
John at the film presentation

Please click here for PDF of Director of School Comments from Slovakia

And finally, a comment from a neighbour who watched John's DVD of "When the Moon is High" at home.

"One youth was rather slow in packing up" - And that youth is my neighbour now :)
It is unbelievable what you could achieve as a group of young people with such simple equipment. It reminds me a Mark Twain's quote:
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight it's the size of the fight in the dog."
It still has a scary atmosphere when I've watched it now, in the evening.
Great! Rasto

July 6th 2016 A second article on the showing of When The Moon is High in Slovakia appeared in the York Press!

second press article

October 2nd 2016 Sound effects or blocks of sound effects sent as wav files converted from 1/4" audio tape. These recordings were used to make the soundtrack for the original "When the Moon is High".

October 8th 2016 Roy's voice-overs sent as wav files converted from perforated 1/4" audio tape. These files were used with a device called an edisych which allowed the sound to be synchronised whe film during transfer.
These files were used to replace the poor quality sound 3rd generation sound on the video with wav files of the original tapes. This was part of the digital re-mastering undertaken by John Skelton over in Slovakia.

October 12th 2016 John's editing suite in Slovakia, notice the complete lack of splicer, film cement and film. The image below shows work in progress on the digital remaster of "WHEN THE MOON IS HIGH".

John's editing suite in Slovakia

October 16th 2016 The image below shows a screen shot from John's editing of the "When the Moon is High" soundtrack. John's face must have looked something like it did in this 1960's image on the screen after finishing his final edits. This completes the work ready for the next Slovakian showing of "WHEN THE MOON IS HIGH" on the 21st of October.

Screen shot of WTMIH editing with John's image displayed

October 18th 2016A download of the first few minutes of John's digital remaster of "WHEN THE MOON IS HIGH" can be seen using this link to the VIMEO site.
The image below shows the poster for the 21st of October showing on the film in Slovakia.

Poster for 21st of October showing of WTMIH in Slovakia

October 21st 2016 SHOCK AND AWE in Slovakia as John reveals the SECRET WEAPON, responsible for much of the success of the Film "WHEN THE MOON IS HIGH", the CLOCKWORK BOLEX 8mm CAMERA! The image below shows John introducing the film and explaining that it was made using BOLEX cameras including the one shown. The two showings, to a combined audience of 50 teenagers, were greatly appreciated.

John with Bolex camera in Slovakia

Here are the comments by one student in his own words.
On October 21st our school organised an event called Night at school where students could spend whole doing with many different activities. One of them was meeting with John Skelton from York, one of the cameramans and actors of an old British horror film "When the Moon Is High". After introducing himself, he presented us the techniques of making the film in the 50s. These days owning a camera wasn't usual thing and also recording the videos wasn't as easy as it is nowadays. He presented us the whole process, on setting the scene in an old abandoned house to cutting the final shots and finding the film forgotten in a drawer after many years. Then all the lights turned off and our eyes concentrated to the screen. Even though the film wasnt very long, it made a great impression on me. It's ashame that it hadnt become more popular in the 50s. I'm glad I got to meet a person like John personally, ask few questions about his life and have a short discussion about the film.

January 4th 2017 Below is the poster for the next screening of "When the Moon is High" in Slovakia. It will also be the first public showing of the "Interview with the Director" Video made at the end of 2016. This is a chance for the audience to meet the director even though he cannot be there in person!

Poster for 24th January film showing

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