history at 24 frames a second

The beach location in Saltwick Bay, North Yorkshire, has a rock called Saltwick Nab which can be made the link in this unusual compilation. The subject of this work is the 16mm films made by TONY BOOTH and IAN SYMONDS in the late 1960s and the 1970s. Due to a series of unfortunate events most of the films, including the negatives, that they made are lost. The sound track of most survive and can be digitised for use in this film. The one remaining reel of the rock film is the only actual film left. The original 1/4" tape recordings still exist and can be digitised and synchronised for use in the film. The first 16mm film made was in 1969 called "English Please" and was a documentary shot in a school in Huddersfield. The pre-production for this film was done during a vacation in Whitby where the Rock was first seen. This gives a link to the later "Rock Film" material and allows documents, original synchronising equipment and any other archive material to be included. The two 8mm documentaries, "A nation of little shopkeepers" and "October'68" were both remade in 1972 as 16mm films and so fit in the timescale after "English Please". A book with details of all the work done on films from 1972 onwards exists and will be useful as reference or even images. Some of the films used images not shot with sound and so can be re-created in short sections if required. Research on the earlier films in various archives has already provided much information and hard copy useful for images. These are just initial ideas for the work as a starting point for future development.

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