THE MAIN PART OF THE EXHIBITION is DISPLAYS and DEMONSTARTIONS with informal discussions and explanations with Visitors.


8mm Cameras

A number of 8mm BOLEX cameras are available. An example of a very early BOLEX camera, the e8 which had a single fixed focus lens.
[ Old exposed film in camera so operation can be demonstrated with back open!]

An H8 BOLEX camera, also available, shows how sophisticated the 8mm cameras became in the 1960s. The H16 BOLEX 16mm camera is based on the same design and the latest version is still in production.
[ One difference between the two two gauges gave the H8 an advantage. As the linear speed of the 8mm film through the H8 camera was half that of 16mm film through the H16 camera, the clockwork motor ran for twice the time on one wind. This feature was used to good effect in the YORK FILM for a very long tracking shot of an actress walking along a pavement shot from a moving car in a single take!]

8mm Widescreen and Cinemascope filming
Examples of the lenses that were used for wide screen and Cinemascope filming would be useful, to link with the LAST REEL and the MINSTER film.

8mm Editing
Items relating to the editing of 8mm film are available including Murray Viewer, rewind arms, and film splicer using cement. An actual editor with integral arms and screen would be nice here.
[ Some scrap film is available and some film cement so people could be shown how it was done, and even have a go!]

Synchronised Tape: Noris
This DISPLAY has a NORIS 8mm silent projector with tape fed from a UHER reel to reel tape recorder through the synchroniser. A custom built wooden stand has been built to demonstrate how the equipment was used and the accurate alignment between the two devices that was required.
[ The tape threaded on display could have an explanation of the system recorded it, then the "Music & Effects" master for WTMIH spliced on the end to let people hear the quality of the original tape track. The tape will run through the synchroniser without the projector running.]

Synchronised Tape: Edisynch
This DISPLAY will have an 816 BOLEX silent projector, running in 8mm mode driving an EDISYNCH via a loop of film. The 1/4" tape has film perforations in the lower half of the tape which is not used for the soundtrack on this system. The drive to the tape is from the film loop ensuring the synchronisation of the film and sound.
An 8mm commercial copy of a 35mm Chaplin silent film is to be used with a perforated tape track on the edi-sync. This will have some explanation of how the system works, then music and effects, some of the "tightly synced to events on the screen. The last part could be the "voice over" perforated tape master for WTMIH spliced on the end again, to let people hear the quality of the original tape.]

VIDEOS OF the 1960s 8mm FILMS available to show VISITORS OF THE EXHIBITION

A DVD of the material, listed below, is available so any selected item can be displayed from a Laptop to a small FLAT SCREEN TV.

Films and Videos
8mm film "YORK FILM" which is a visitor's eye view of york including shots in "Guppys" night club for teenagers. This film was shown in several towns in Norway!
Interview with the Director of "WHEN THE MOON IS HIGH".
8mm film "WHEN THE MOON IS HIGH" which is the most ambitious film produced by the team and is a "Gothic Horror" filmed in and around York,
8mm film "THE LAST REEL" made in the last week before the Tower Cinema in York closed. Filmed in Widescreen.
8mm film "THE MINSTER" of York with the Minster as the main theme, opening with aerial views of York, filmed in CINEMASCOPE.


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