Film Hardware Project

The aim of this project is to document work on updating film and Sound hardware. The emphasis is on the use of existing hardware used in different ways and using "new" technology to add extra capabilities. Computer hardware and software will be a major part of this update.

Brexid Project

The aim of this project is to reflect on some aspects of Brexit and the Covid-19 epidemic. This will have some background material from the Brexit process itself and influence that these two major issues have impacted on higher education.

Belfast Project

The aim of this project is to review the sequence in "Memories of a Long Winter" and copy it from the mp4 version of the original 16mm film. This sequence is all about the Northern Island situation including the death of an MP when his car was blown up as he exited the House of Commons underground car park. The film was made between 1979 and 1983, but contains some footage that I shot in Belfast in 1976. This mp4 is a transfer from a VHS copy made in 1986. Some work is required in the video editor to try to enhance the quality if possible!! This footage is background material for a possible new project on Brexit and the "Border in the Irish sea between the Northern Island part of the UK and the rest of the UK."

Rock Project

The aim of this project is to utilise film shot in the early 1970s described HERE. The starting point for this project is a video transfer of the 16mm film and a reel of 1/4/" tape containing the soundtrack. The tape has a signal, encoding the camera speed during the shot, recorded on a separate track. This signal allows the soundtrack speed to be modified, during transfer to the computer, to match the frame rate of the video transfer of the film. The clapper board closing on the film and the sound of the clap on the soundtrack allows the sound and picture to be aligned. This process is known as synchronisation. The video of the Film, and the synchronised sound, will then be output as a .mp4 file.



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