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The original use for this web site was to host experiments in the support of learning and teaching in various aspects of electronics. The domain name is from EDUcation in elecTRONICs. It now hosts studies of web material to support practical work.

An interest in photography lead to use of 8mm film and joining with others to produce more ambitious work. [The exhibition in 2017 called 8mm Film in the 1960s covered those early years.]

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A group of young film makers from the 1960s celebrated after 50 years with an EXHIBITION. It all started after the chance discovery of some of the old films during an attic clearout! On April 2016, three of the group visited the Yorkshire Film Archive with the films. After an interesting tour of the archives, they were able to view their standard 8mm material on an amazing piece of equipment used to digitize this gauge of film. The content of the material, and it's image quality, could be judged from this initial viewing. The three, John Skelton, Ian Symonds and Bill Thomson, were very pleased to see the work again after all these years and left to work on a plan for an exhibition. All the original group members worked on this project, some from a considerable distance, thanks to the Internet! The exhibition was held on OCTOBER 21st 2017 in the BLACK SWAN, Peasholm Green, YORK. Equipment used and films that they made were the main focus of the day. However, two visitors from that era, Mr Michael Saville and Mr Neil Guppy were an unexpected highlight.

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